project n°1:  The Sketchbook Project 

               Theme:  Connections
               Title:  Paula & Theo
               Artist: Gudrun Otten
               N°:     345.4-9 

Sometimes you are in a process for years and then out 
of a sudden a new possibility rises and invites you 
to connect the result of this process to a greater space, 
to more people to more listeners and readers.

That`s what happened to me and my story about Paula & Theo. 
I`m in it for more or less 15 years. First there was the 
inspiration, then came the words, then the paper and I 
could write the whole story. 

It took me years to shorten the text part to its essence. 
It took me more years to realize that it was me to do the 
illustration. One fine day I was standing in the local 
printing press here on Mallorca with my story printed 
on 26 white sheets of paper.
It was like giving birth to every single word.


Then I read about the sketchbook project in the internet. 
I was amazed! I instantly knew that now is the time to 
send it into the world. I ordered my sketchbook, waited 
unpatiently till the postman brought me my personal 
sketchbook. Since then I have translated the story and 
Victor, the responsable for the printing part, has done 
a great job in printing the whole story into the sketchbook.

So now I`m sitting here, writing this introduction, 
I feel very happy with the result.

 Paula & Theo is my family story.
 Paula & Theo is my story about war & peace.
 Paula & Theo is my story about the deep connections 
              on earth and with earth.
 Paula & Theo is my story about the searchers & seekers 
              in us.
 Paula &Theo is my story about the finders & dreamers in us.
 Paula & Theo is my story about love.


The real Paula and the real tree ...

There is this deep, unconscious connection to the stories 
of our ancestors in our today stories, and even a deep 
connection to our future relations in our real life. 
We have to find the peace inside our own stories before 
we can find that kind of peace everybody is yearning for 
in the outer world.
I`m on my way to that peace.

I have experienced what it means not to be in peace with 
my own story and those stories of my ancestors. 
So, Paula & Theo is my hommage to two very important 
persons in my life: my mother and my grandfather. 
Their biography caused a lot of trouble, sadness and 
unconnectedness in my life and forced me to go deeper 
into the story of both of them and then into my own.


This gave birth to the book "Paula & Theo", which 
illustrates their circle of life and the things 
they developed and learned from each other: hope, 
deep friendship, acceptance, respect, joy, understanding, 
empathy, orientation, transformation, confidence, truth, 
simplicity, wisdom ... love.

It is filled with joy and hope that even in the darkest 
moments there is a light for us. Sometimes this light 
is a magic tree who really exists in Perchting, Bavaria.

For me it is one of my most important works in my life 
and I hope it will inspire you to dive deep and discover 
all the passion behind the sorrow inside your own story...

Special thanks to the creators of „The Sketchbook Project“ 
for giving me the opportunity to participate in a great 
advantage to connect … to people worldwide and share ideas, 
vision, life and love! 

Hope to see you some fine day at the Library in Brooklyn 
this year!

First response to Paula & Theo ...