project n°2  What can be a new relation between poetry and 

My answer is
             P.O.E.M.E = Poetry.  
It was in 2006 when I was writing my Master Thesis on 
Poetry and Business when I realised the importance of 
words, language and poetry especially for the management. 
So I started investigating into this. 

There is a great yearning for connection, identification, 
orientation and innovation in companies around the world. 
Working with poetry and art in general seeks to 

#1 present rather than argue, 
#2 offer insights rather than build theory,
#3 add to the sense of the world´s variety rather than 
negotiate and refine a consens
#4 play with ideas rather than work towards a closure
#5 make new rather than seek to replicate or systematically 
build on what has gone before
#6 proceed by association and image rather than evidence and 
logical consequence
#7 engage, surprise, attract, connect, shock, delight, stir 
the memory and fertilise the unconscious
#8 communicate s.th. ultimately unsayable because uniquely

So, my intention with P.O.E.M.E. is to integrate content, 
prompt insight and aid with decision making. I want to 
care for the unexpected, the unspoken and the untold 
between the lines. Give them a voice, a space, a word, 
a time and the patience to let them do their real work: 
connect and inspire!

My latest project is about story telling and an hour glass
and one more minute.

 Photo credits: Svedholm Design

One more minute is the result of a 
design work by Jan Svedholm and Antonia Zoe Strunk.


The hourglass is designed as a silent reminder not to 
waste too much water under the shower. Although staying
one more minute under the warm and soft shower would be

In order to give it some additional effect I wrote a 
story trying to give water a voice and make that voice
strong enough to evoke emotions. And to make these emotions
strong enough to connect to our deeper source. And to
allow this re-connection to conduct to other decisions.
And to make these other decision have an impact on the
place we are. Earth.

The hourglass is called o.m.m. and o.m.m. is a water 
drop with a message for all of us.

So, my intention with the story is to evoke emotions with
the product. Not only to foster selling it but also to
give it an additional sense and meaning. To make people
feel the need to be a conscious user of water ... among
other things.

This is my voice to give a voice to water.