your story matters

How can you contribute to outer transformation without making inner transformation? What is core to you?

GO impuls initiates powerful stories and stimulates transformation processes which result in new patterns of thinking and feeling, first about your own story.

Designed for those passionate but exhausted performers with deeper questions and a constant longing for sense and value in life.

What the work is about

It is about a short, intense impulse strong enough to transform and energise the inner structure of your body.

It is the finding that words are acting like energy containers, influencing in a constructive or destructive way our feelings and thoughts, our way to make decisions.

What is really moving you and why?

Why does it work

We use words to explain the way we look at the world and how we are used to describe her.

Our language and the way we treat her, influences on our attitude and the kind of action we take.

Changing the way of using language, changes the way we connect to ourselves, our relations and decisions.

This work results into a deeper connection to your heart and body, making it posible to let your heart be the source of all action and words.  Your personal swear word is born right here.

How it works

Every word produces an inner pattern affecting the relation to ourselves and our communication with others.

Conscious work with the words we use plus questioning the meaning and effect of our words, provides for mindfulness and effective content.

Our working place

Landscape and the places we carefully choose for our work serve as reliable background and projection screen during our session

For any further information please contact:          phone: +34 671 691 334

We are based on Mallorca, the most beautiful island in the world